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Katherine Brownlowe, MD, FANPA and Joey Cooper, MD, FANPA have been nominated for 2 upcoming Council Member vacancies.  See their bios here and then please vote!


Greetings ANPA friends and colleagues. My name is Joey Cooper and I am excited to be nominated to serve as an ANPA Councilor. I had the privilege of being first introduced to the ANPA community as a medical student when my passion for the neuropsychiatric approach to psychiatry was kindled, working on Fred Ovsiew’s inpatient team at the University of Chicago. After completing my BNNP fellowship at Northwestern University, I have dedicated my career to the intersection of medical education and neuropsychiatry.

Through previous roles in psychiatry residency leadership and now directing undergraduate medical education in psychiatry at the University of Illinois at Chicago, I strive to integrate neuroscientific and neuropsychiatric perspectives into all mental health topics as a means to combat stigma and equip others to do the same. This passion has led me to serve as the Co-Chair of the National Neuroscience Curriculum Initiative, a collaboration of psychiatric educators working to modernize the way we teach about mental health and illness. My desire to confront stigma drives me to include electroconvulsive therapy as a prominent component of my clinical practice.

As the father of four Hispanic children, I am personally invested in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within ANPA. I enjoy playing tennis, exploring the treasures of our family’s two hometowns (Chicago, Illinois and Cádiz, Spain), and adding to my attempted-song-list on the acoustic guitar. My favorite jams run the gamut from Tom Petty and Social Distortion to El Kanka and Álvaro Soler.


Hello! My name is Kate Brownlowe and I am honored to be nominated for the position of Councilor for the American Neuropsychiatric Association. I’ve been an ANPA member since 2008 and after my first annual meeting as a resident, knew I was destined to become a neuropsychiatrist.  I am currently on the education committee of ANPA. I have held past positions on the membership committee and was the first chair of the Trainee and Early Career Committee.  I have been honored to learn from so many amazing members of our organization and I count myself very lucky to be a member of such an exemplary group of colleagues.

I am currently an associate professor in the department of Psychiatry at the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center and have spent the majority of the past two years becoming an infectious disease expert in my dual roles of inpatient medical director of an 84-bed inpatient psychiatric hospital as well as medical director of our very busy psychiatric emergency room. In November I stepped down from the inpatient role and am now able to focus on further advancement of OSU’s neuropsychiatry program as well as being World’s Okayest Mom to my sons Parker and Elliott.  Parker, at 14, clearly knows more than his mother about nearly everything, and as a neuropsychiatrist’s son can also give a pretty great lecture on the history and impact of Phineas Gage. No lie, his first lecture on brain health (with excellent slides) was in kindergarten. Elliott, his 10-year-old brother, is both an expert in the computer game Among Us, and is providing a range of psychotherapies to his 5th grade colleagues.  (It’s Okay To Have Big Feelings!)

I am passionate about education, and some of my proudest achievements have included mentoring two psychiatry residents into careers as neuropsychiatrists, as well as developing a neuropsychiatry training program for psychiatry residents at OSU. I hope to assist ANPA in continuing to promote neuropsychiatry as a career, as well as to spread an appreciation for the necessity of our training and experience in providing excellent care to people with complex illnesses.




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