The American Neuropsychiatric Association (ANPA) is a non-profit organization of professionals in behavioral neurology, neuropsychiatry, neuropsychology, and the clinical neurosciences. Established in 1988, ANPA has grown to over 500 members from around the world. ANPA's mission is to improve the lives of people with disorders at the interface of psychiatry and neurology.


To improve the lives of people with disorders at the interface of psychiatry and neurology


ANPA will transform recognition, understanding and treatment of all neuropsychiatric disorders


A scientific field

When used to refer to a scientific field, neuropsychiatry is the integrated study of psychiatric and neurologic disorders. This definition of neuropsychiatry does not connote a particular type of educational background or professional training; instead, it refers broadly and inclusively of the work performed any basic or clinical scientist, educator, clinician, public policy maker, or other individual that seeks to advance our understanding of the neurological bases of psychiatric disorders, the psychiatric manifestations of neurological disorders, and/or the evaluation and care of persons with neurologically based behavioral disturbances. In other words, one’s work can be neuropsychiatric regardless of whether one is trained as a neuropsychiatrist.

A medical subspecialty

When used to refer to a medical subspecialty, neuropsychiatry is one of the two historically separate but parallel clinical disciplines that comprise the medical subspecialty known currently as Behavioral Neurology & Neuropsychiatry. While the knowledge base and clinical skills of behavioral neurologists and neuropsychiatrists are built upon on the foundation established by primary training in one or both of these specialties, expertise and clinical competence in Behavioral Neurology & Neuropsychiatry requires experience specific to the evaluation, differential diagnosis, prognosis, pharmacological treatment, psychosocial management, and neurorehabilitation of persons with complex neuropsychiatric and neurobehavioral conditions.

ANPA Officers

David Arciniegas, MD, FANPA - President (2023 - 2025)

University of New Mexico School of Medicine

Clinical Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry

University of Colorado School of Medicine

Editor, Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences

Kaloyan Tanev, MD, FANPA - Immediate Past President (2023 - 2025)

Massachusetts General Hospital

Boston, MA 

Colin Harrington, MD, FANPA - President Elect (2023 - 2025)

Rhode Island Hospital

Providence, RI

Margo Lauterbach, MD, FANPA - Treasurer (2023 - Present)

Sheppard Pratt

Baltimore, MD

ANPA Council Members

2021 - 2024

John Campbell, MD, FANPA

Jay Salpekar, MD, FANPA

2022 - 2025

Joey Cooper, MD, FANPA

Katherine Brownlowe, MD, FANPA

2023 - 2026

David L Perez, MD, FANPA

Kevin J Black, MD FANPA

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The ANPA condemns injustice and deplores the pernicious impact of systematic racism on the patients we serve. Since its inception over 30 years ago the ANPA and, most especially the patients served, have benefited from the diversity of its membership - the ANPA has members spanning the globe committed to the wellbeing of all communities.   Our mission of improving the lives of people with neuropsychiatric disorders allows ANPA to address the societal inequities that are barriers to good health and well-being.  We stand with those who express outrage over institutionalized racism and police brutality, and add our voice to the demand for social justice for all people, now.  The ANPA is committed to caring for the mental and physical health of all people regardless of race, religion, gender or nationality.  


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