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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Neuropsychiatry of Psychedelics in Mental Health Treatment

Daniel I Kaufer Symposium (in conjunction with SBCN) – Dementia After Traumatic Brain Injury: What is the Risk, and What Can be Done About It?

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Practice Workshop I - Evaluation of the Impaired Physician

ANPA Neuroimaging SIG Symposium - The Neuropsychiatry of Teaching Neuroimaging - An Interactive Approach

International Neuropsychiatry Lecture

Program Committee Symposium - Neuropsychiatric Disorders Deep Dive: Tourette/ Tic Spectrum Disorders

Friday, March 17, 2023

Practice Workshop II  - Cortical Visual Disorders

President's Symposium - Music and the Brain

Bassoe Lecture - 
Genomics and Phenomics of Neuropsychiatric Disease

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Program Committee Symposium - New Approaches in Brain Stimulation

British Neuropsychiatric Association Lecture - To be announced

**  The Peter Bassoe Lecture

Dr. Peter Bassoe (1874-1945) was a Chicago-based neurologist-neuropsychiatrist as well as the founder and inaugural President of the Central Neuropsychiatric Association (CNPA, est. 1922). Dr. Bassoe founded the CNPA “to foster the advancement of neurologic, neurosurgical, and psychiatric sciences in the mid-continental United States.” Guided by his vision, this organization flourished during the decades of the mid-twentieth century. The Peter Bassoe Fund was established within the CNPA in 1982 for the purpose of providing funds for continuing education activities, scholarships, awards for essays submitted by residents, and other expenses of the scientific portion of the meeting.

In 2001, following several decades of changes to the organizational and political landscape in the clinical neurosciences, CNPA merged with ANPA. As a component of the merger agreement between our associations, CNPA directed ANPA to use the Bassoe Fund to support a Keynote Address at the ANPA annual meeting and to identify it as the Peter Bassoe Lecture.

In tribute to Dr. Bassoe and CNPA, the Peter Bassoe Lecture is given by a world-class clinical neuroscientist at  the ANPA Annual Meeting. The lecture provides a forum for a high-level review in the area of neuroscience to which the Peter Bassoe Lecturer has contributed. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for the lecturer to discuss the implications of his or her work on the education and training of clinician-neuroscientists, including subspecialists in behavioral neurology & neuropsychiatry.


The Medical University of South Carolina Office of Continuing Medical Education will provide CME and CE accreditation for this program.

    Exhibitor Opportunities

    The ANPA meeting provides an excellent opportunity for service providers, publishers, and members of industry to encounter national leaders in neuropsychiatric and neurobehavioral theory and practice through sponsorship opportunities that utilizing the virtual Exhibit Hall.  Supporter opportunities will be published soon.

    Supporter materials and exhibits must be non-political and shall not be offensive to public decency on either a local or international basis. The character of exhibits is subject to the approval of the ANPA Administrative Director and Executive Committee. 

    Applications for exhibitors are subject to review by the ANPA Administrative Director and Executive Committee to determine suitability for the meeting and to ensure conformity with conventional standards.

    Please contact the Administrative Director at anpaoffice@gmail.com for information


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